• Taking Part in a Poker Run

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    For those not already in the know, a poker run is a specially organised racing event where competitors pick up cards at different checkpoints. The race consists of between five and seven checkpoints and at the end of the race the winner is the person with the best poker hand.  Poker runs can be completed using a wide range of different types of vehicles. While motorcycle races are the most common version, poker runs have also been completed in speed boats, on horseback, in rally cars and even in snow mobiles. The main point of this type of race is having fun, while it is also important to make sure that each competitor knows where the checkpoints are and that the cards can be easily collected without having to pause the race. You can look up the rules of the game beforehand, to make sure everybody knows what is a good hand ranking and not. Arranging a poker run where all of the proceeds go to charity is a great way to have fun while supporting a good cause. There are lots of different ways to raise money for charity during a poker run such as charging the competitors money to enter, selling tickets to watch the fun and gaining sponsorship from different companies. The city of Ottawa in Canada currently holds the record for the largest poker run at a single venue. In 2012 an impressive 586 motorcyclists took part in the race in order to raise money for Prostate Cancer research. Poker loving friends who are looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or a stag party may well find that holding a poker run is a great option and you can choose to keep the event strictly to friends and family members or open it up to anyone who wants to take part.

  • Modifying A Race car

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    Ever wondered why one should modify a race car? The main reasons include improving on its efficiency, make it stylish and trendy. It definitely requires some amount of money but the returns on investment will be more rewarding.The following are some of the reasons why you should modify a race car:

    • To improve on its Performance: The car needs to be efficient and should not disappoint on the racing day if winning is your goal.
    • Maintain its resell-ability : The chances of selling a used car will be high once it has completed its major task or when the user needs change. To sail on a fairly reasonable price your car needs to have a good car base since it contributes greatly to the cars performance.
    • Making it stylish and trendy: Over time the race car will look old and chipped off. A little pimping will make it look unique and attractive. I guess no one would like to be seen in a rickety, ragged car.

    As the name suggests, a race car should be very fast and efficient. Here are some steps to modify your car and improve on its performance

    1. Get rid of the junk, add lightness-Remove all unwanted garbage especially on the back seat and the boot to make your car a little bit lighter. A cars weight has a significant effect on the speed of the car.
    2. Use the best oil and change it regularly- They say cheap is expensive, its therefore advisable to use the best oil that gives one the services he or she desires for a race car.
    3. Replace old spark plugs and air filter. This is advisable since the need for a good car air conditioning is essential during racing.
    4. Build in a strut tower brace. They are in expensive and easy to install. It will make the car feel more stable and firm on the front end.
    5. Replace worn out tires: Good tires will make a huge difference and spearhead an excellent racing car.
    6. Place good rims to complement the tires: It will enhance brake performance and the improve on the speed of the car
    7. Replace exhaust power: An efficient exhaust power maximizes the efficiency of the engine by getting greater turnover of air and fuel passing through.Getting the exhaust gasses out easily will ensure more air and fuel into the engine producing more power.
    8. Pimp the car with external graphic designs and modify the interior design as well.A good looking car creates a good environment and has effect on the users attitude towards the car in general.

    Modifying a race car will definitely improve its performance. There might be some cost implications accompanied with the improvements that need to be made but the services one gets from modifying a race car are many and promising and need not be missed or ignored.