• Experience Formula One at the Suzuka Circuit

    Posted on February 15th, 2022 Aric Wyman No comments

    Japan is an expansive country with a lot to offer in terms of travel and culture. From the cherry blossoms to the mountainous regions, and the historic regions. However, one place every racing fanatic should visit is the Suzuka Circuit, located in the Mie Prefecture. Luckily, there is more than just racing to experience there, making it fun for everyone.

    Rides for the Family

    There’s even an amusement park located within the vicinity of the racetrack. Youngsters can feel the speed of the Suzuka F1 for themselves without any of the danger. They can also get lost in the garden maze and ride go-karts. The resort additionally ensures that your children won’t be bored and everyone will have fun. The entire place is easy to navigate, with maps available throughout.

    The Circuit

    The racing circuit itself is as exciting and thrilling as they come. The ‘figure-eight’ designed track provides many twists and turns, as well as being home to the Kobayashi Corner. Deemed Japan’s most dangerous race track, you’ll see some of the best racing in your life here. While there you can also watch motorcyle racing, not just the fast formula one cars.