• Experience Formula One at the Suzuka Circuit

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    Japan is an expansive country with a lot to offer in terms of travel and culture. From the cherry blossoms to the mountainous regions, and the historic regions. However, one place every racing fanatic should visit is the Suzuka Circuit, located in the Mie Prefecture. Luckily, there is more than just racing to experience there, making it fun for everyone.

    Rides for the Family

    There’s even an amusement park located within the vicinity of the racetrack. Youngsters can feel the speed of the Suzuka F1 for themselves without any of the danger. They can also get lost in the garden maze and ride go-karts. The resort additionally ensures that your children won’t be bored and everyone will have fun. The entire place is easy to navigate, with maps available throughout.

    The Circuit

    The racing circuit itself is as exciting and thrilling as they come. The ‘figure-eight’ designed track provides many twists and turns, as well as being home to the Kobayashi Corner. Deemed Japan’s most dangerous race track, you’ll see some of the best racing in your life here. While there you can also watch motorcyle racing, not just the fast formula one cars.

  • Killing Time at the Races

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    Attending car races such as Formula One or a local drag race can be a lot of fun and this is a great way to get the adrenaline pumping. However, there can be a lot of time to kill between races as new drivers make their way to the starting line or maintenance needs to be performed on various vehicles. Here are some great ways to kill time between races and have fun while waiting for the action to start.

    Time for a Snack Attack

    Most car racing events boast food stalls and even restaurants that serve up fast food and light bites that people can eat while watching the action unfold in front of them. This is a good time to check out the options available and perhaps sink your teeth into something tasty before the next race begins.

    Playing Online Casino Games

    Anyone who is already a member of an online casino can kill a little time by playing poker or another type of casino game. all you need is a Smartphone and an internet connection and you may even be able to win some money that you will be able to use to bet on the next race. Find out more about different types of online casino games online.

    Making New Friends

    Even if you are attending the races with a group of buddies, there is always time to make friends with other people attending the races. Getting a conversation started is sure to be pretty easy as there is a clear topic of conversation that the people around you are bound to be interested in and if you are single you may find that this is a good place to flirt and maybe even meet a date.

    Going behind the Scenes

    If you are feeling bold, you could use this time to go behind the scenes and perhaps meet some of the drivers. Claiming to be a member of the press is a good way to open doors.

  • Taking Part in a Poker Run

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    For those not already in the know, a poker run is a specially organised racing event where competitors pick up cards at different checkpoints. The race consists of between five and seven checkpoints and at the end of the race the winner is the person with the best poker hand.  Poker runs can be completed using a wide range of different types of vehicles. While motorcycle races are the most common version, poker runs have also been completed in speed boats, on horseback, in rally cars and even in snow mobiles. The main point of this type of race is having fun, while it is also important to make sure that each competitor knows where the checkpoints are and that the cards can be easily collected without having to pause the race. You can look up the rules of the game beforehand, to make sure everybody knows what is a good hand ranking and not. Arranging a poker run where all of the proceeds go to charity is a great way to have fun while supporting a good cause. There are lots of different ways to raise money for charity during a poker run such as charging the competitors money to enter, selling tickets to watch the fun and gaining sponsorship from different companies. The city of Ottawa in Canada currently holds the record for the largest poker run at a single venue. In 2012 an impressive 586 motorcyclists took part in the race in order to raise money for Prostate Cancer research. Poker loving friends who are looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or a stag party may well find that holding a poker run is a great option and you can choose to keep the event strictly to friends and family members or open it up to anyone who wants to take part.

  • How to Make the Most out of your Garage

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    Space is a very valuable commodity particularly when you have a small sized garage. Getting rid of whatever is not absolutely needed pays off in a big way as it creates additional workspace in your garage. Odds are high that you have items lurking in some garage corner that you might not even be aware they exist!

    Upgrade to Adjustable Wall-Mounted Shelving

    Stationary shelving places huge limitations on your storage space as your tools collection continues to grow over time. When you upgrade to adjustable wall-mounted shelving it allows you to customise or configure your garage as you want to create extra space. If your garage has open rafters, use that to your maximum advantage. Alternatively, you could try hanging ceiling storage units.

    Get Mobile with Work Dollies

    Whenever possible, put wheels on stationary items such as your work benches, tool chests and floor cabinets. Garage items on wheels are easily moved around to create new and temporary work areas. If need be, you can even roll some items outside when you need additional space and then roll them back later.

    Install Convenient Slat Boards

    It doesn’t matter the amount of space you have on your garage floor, it’s always possible to create room for slat boards. These are long flat wall boards separated into several thin sections between which you could insert specially designed hooks. From the hooks you can hang tools, skis, musical instruments as well as bins for holding other items like nails.Slat boards are highly customisable as it’s possible to continuously shift your hooks around In addition, since they are thin, you can have them hanged on nearly every wall without having to give up valuable floor space.

    Control Small Parts/Tools Clutter

    Although, you will never have ample storage for those numerous small parts, with a bit of planning and good planning, it’s possible to keep them from cluttering your entire garage. Clearing out that excessive clutter is very satisfying because besides giving you more garage space, it also makes the whole place tidy.

    Bottom Line

    Your garage is much more than just a place to park cars. It’s a workshop, your warehouse, the toyshop and possibly the favourite hang out place. With the above tips on how to maximise on your garage, it becomes easier to work and move around. The trick lies in being innovative and adopting what suits your specific storage needs. The garage is not just for your car!