• How to Make the Most out of your Garage

    Posted on November 5th, 2015 Aric Wyman No comments

    Space is a very valuable commodity particularly when you have a small sized garage. Getting rid of whatever is not absolutely needed pays off in a big way as it creates additional workspace in your garage. Odds are high that you have items lurking in some garage corner that you might not even be aware they exist!

    Upgrade to Adjustable Wall-Mounted Shelving

    Stationary shelving places huge limitations on your storage space as your tools collection continues to grow over time. When you upgrade to adjustable wall-mounted shelving it allows you to customise or configure your garage as you want to create extra space. If your garage has open rafters, use that to your maximum advantage. Alternatively, you could try hanging ceiling storage units.

    Get Mobile with Work Dollies

    Whenever possible, put wheels on stationary items such as your work benches, tool chests and floor cabinets. Garage items on wheels are easily moved around to create new and temporary work areas. If need be, you can even roll some items outside when you need additional space and then roll them back later.

    Install Convenient Slat Boards

    It doesn’t matter the amount of space you have on your garage floor, it’s always possible to create room for slat boards. These are long flat wall boards separated into several thin sections between which you could insert specially designed hooks. From the hooks you can hang tools, skis, musical instruments as well as bins for holding other items like nails.Slat boards are highly customisable as it’s possible to continuously shift your hooks around In addition, since they are thin, you can have them hanged on nearly every wall without having to give up valuable floor space.

    Control Small Parts/Tools Clutter

    Although, you will never have ample storage for those numerous small parts, with a bit of planning and good planning, it’s possible to keep them from cluttering your entire garage. Clearing out that excessive clutter is very satisfying because besides giving you more garage space, it also makes the whole place tidy.

    Bottom Line

    Your garage is much more than just a place to park cars. It’s a workshop, your warehouse, the toyshop and possibly the favourite hang out place. With the above tips on how to maximise on your garage, it becomes easier to work and move around. The trick lies in being innovative and adopting what suits your specific storage needs. The garage is not just for your car!