• Complicated car repairs you shouldn’t do at home

    Posted on December 2nd, 2015 Aric Wyman No comments

    If you are looking for good ways of saving money then doing your own car repairs is logical. Replacing oil filter or if you are more adventurous doing you own service is challenging but not unthinkable. However, some jobs should not be attempted. Just like you would never fill one of your own teeth, here are four areas of your car that you should leave to the experts.

    Don’t tamper with the timing belt

    Occasionally, the timing belt of your vehicle will need to be changed. The mechanics of doing this are not so complicated but if you are not 100 per cent sure of what you are doing it could lead to other problems. This is one of those operations where you pay money to save money and should be left to a qualified mechanic.


    Changing transmission oil is something you should never attempt. The transmission of your car is complicated and full of tiny parts that interact. Even a small piece of grit in the oil could lead to a major problem so don’t go near.


    By attempting to analyse and resolve a problem with your car overheating you could cause a big risk of further damage. A mechanic will have the correct tools to find out the problem and take the proper steps to put it right again.

    Suspension problems

    There is a correct order to replace suspension parts, and you can damage your car if you don’t know what that is. Compressed coil springs, for instance, carry a tremendous amount of energy, and if you start to tamper with them, then you could be putting your life at risk. Don’t mess around with the suspension of your vehicle. Leave it to the professionals.